Our Approach

Many law firms seek to impress clients and prospective clients with expensive office space, fancy art on the walls, or an army of high-priced lawyers and paralegals thrown into every matter. By design, we avoid those superfluous costs and minimize our overhead so that we can charge our clients less.

We handle matters personally. If a matter requires a larger team, or expertise outside our capabilities, we obtain that additional depth and talent as needed.

We do not have a bureaucratic management structure. This enables us to make decisions promptly and gives us the flexibility to consider alternative billing arrangements. We welcome discussions concerning per-project fees, monthly retainers, and other financial approaches that are better suited to a particular matter or client.

Finally, we have a history of managing sophisticated and complex matters in practical, efficient, and innovative ways. Our lawyers have been on the front lines in the courtroom, the conference room, and in-house. Whether hired to maximize a recovery or minimize a liability, negotiate a deal, or establish a precedent, we measure success in terms of the legal outcome and judicious use of resources. We collaborate with clients to thoroughly understand the issues, devise a plan of action, and identify benchmarks for success.