Our Cases

Our attorneys have extensive experience with content and brand protection matters in virtually every context: linking and locker sites; “UGC” and download sites; peer-to-peer distribution; offshore sites; password-sharing; theft from subscription sites; end user enforcement; physical piracy; and unfair competition by competitors.

Among other cases they litigated in their careers are:

  • A & M Records v. Napster
    Enjoining the Napster P2P network in California.
  • ABKCO Music & Records v. Exact Media
    Represented music publishers in copyright action against unauthorized download sites, with shutdown of infringing operation during case.
  • Andersen v. Atlantic Records
    Represented record companies in putative class action in Oregon regarding their anti-piracy efforts.
  • Arista Records v. LimeWire
    Injunctive relief and finding of willful copyright infringement against proprietors of illegal peer-to-peer file-sharing service, along with $105 million settlement reached during damages trial.
  • Arista Records v. MediaServices (AllofMp3.com)
    Copyright infringement suit against illegal download site based in Russia.
  • Arista Records v. MP3Board.com
    Represented record companies in copyright suit over linking to infringing recordings.
  • Atlantic Recording Corp. v. Project Playlist
    Copyright infringement suit against service billing itself as music search engine.
  • Arista Records v. Usenet.com
    Spoliation sanctions and summary judgment for copyright infringement against commercial USENET service operator, with multi-million dollar damages award.
  • BMG Music v. Gonzalez
    7th Circuit affirmed summary judgment in favor of copyright owner in Chicago.
  • Capitol Records v. Thomas-Rasset
    Jury verdict of willful infringement in Minneapolis for $1.92 million for unauthorized uploading and downloading of music on a P2P network.
  • Cengage Learning v. Nugroho
    Injunctive relief in copyright action against rogue offshore website, with seizure of domain name and shutdown of infringing operation.
  • CoStar Group v. LoopNet
    Copyright suit stemming from posting of photographs to real estate listing website.
  • Elsevier v. Victor Kozlov/Pavel Kazutsin
    Maximum copyright statutory damages and injunctive relief against principals of infringing service.
  • Higher Education Publishers’ anti-counterfeiting enforcement
    Represent several of the nation’s largest educational publishers in their efforts to combat physical counterfeiting.
  • Higher Education Publishers’ online anti-piracy enforcement
    Represent several of the nation’s largest educational publishers in their ongoing efforts to combat online piracy.
  • Higher Education Publishers v. AIM Discovery
    $16 million judgment and injunctive relief in case involving counterfeit sales via Amazon and eBay.
  • Higher Education Publishers v. Student of Fortune, Inc.
    Represented The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., John Wiley & Sons Inc., Cengage Learning Inc., Pearson Education Inc. and Elsevier Inc. in asserting copyright and trademark claims and reaching a settlement.
  • Hoops Enterprise v. SIIA
    Successfully defended trade association from state law tort claims based on an allegedly "wrongful" takedown notice to eBay.
  • In re Aimster
    Enjoining Aimster in multi-district litigation proceeding in Chicago.
  • John Wiley & Sons v. Kirtsaeng
    Defeated multi-million dollar attorney fee petition following defendant's victory at Supreme Court.
  • Media Group
    Jury verdict of willful infringement against CD replicator for $136 million in Los Angeles.
  • MGM v. Grokster
    Represented movie studios and record companies in Supreme Court, won 9-0 reversal.
  • Pearson Education v. Boundless Learning
    Copyright and Lanham Act case against technology start-up for developing and marketing versions of publishers’ leading textbooks without permission.
  • Pearson Education v. JVG Books
    Copyright and trademark action arising from sale of books diverted from destruction at recycler and then rebound.
  • Record industry’s peer to peer enforcement program
    Oversaw thousands of cases around the country on behalf of the record industry.
  • Sony v. Tenenbaum
    Jury verdict of willful infringement in Boston for $675,000 for unauthorized uploading and downloading of music on a P2P network.
  • Theft of Services Cases
    Injunctive relief, damages, and settlements in numerous litigation and pre-litigation matters arising from the misuse of subscription-based online services.